Artist Vince Low

Artist Vince Low has turned once-aimless doodling into Scribble Art, an advanced art form of penmanship. Described as Scribble with life Vince Low’s work is invariably in portrait form and started about three years ago when his role as an Illustrator with a Design Agency required material for a Dyslexic advertising campaign.

Himself a dyslexic, Vince felt immediate empathy with the campaign as he knew many famous people had used their dyslexia to overcome any perceived drawbacks and create great career success within their chosen fields. Thus evolved his first ‘Scribble Art’ production….pen-line portraits of Einstein, Picasso and John Lennon. After which the art form took off big time as public interest grew stronger… and is still growing.

Vince Low says it takes between 10 to 15 hours for him to produce a ‘Scribble Art’ piece as his infinite attention to detail goes beyond most people’s imagination.

Interest in his ‘Scribble’ work has spread through his website, Facebook, you-tube, the US’s Huffington Post and Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper ran an article on this ‘pen master’ and his scribble work.

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